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Dementia Care

dementia care

You may be finding that your mental abilities are beginning to decline and this may make you feel increasingly vulnerable and needing of reassurance and support.

At Serenity we will help you to retain your sense of identity and support you as much as you need to remain independent.

Our highly professional staff are trained in Dementia care to identify your personal needs and support you to remain as fit and as healthy as possible. Our aim will be to make you feel better and enjoy your life. Here are some examples of what we can offer.

Serenity Service Examples:

  1. Exercise
    We will help you to find a form of exercise that you may find enjoyable and that will help you to remain mobile, improve your circulation, aid relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Mental Well Being
    We will give you the reassurance that you are a valued and important member of our community. We will help you to remove as much stress from your life as possible and help you keep motivated each day.
  3. Healthy Diet
    We will help you to design a healthy diet that is nutritional, balanced and that will keep you hydrated. Importantly, we will monitor your food intake and if you do forget to eat, our carers will ensure that you have a food and fluids as soon as possible.
  4. Keeping Warm
    We understand how important it is for you to keep warm and that you may feel the cold far more than our carers when they visit you. We will monitor your room temperature, make sure you are wearing enough layers, including a hat if that helps and if there is assistive technology available that can help with your everyday living we will help you to access it.
  5. A Good Nights Sleep
    We know that sometimes you may become confused about day and night and find it difficult to sleep at night if you have had a long nap during the day. We will help you to remain as active as possible during the day and monitor your food and drink intake at evening visits to ensure that you have drinks that will help you to relax and sleep well.
  6. Help to Manage Smoking and Alcohol Intake
    We can help you to make choices about smoking and alcohol so that these activities do not cause unnecessary strain or harm to you. We understand that it is your right to enjoy these activities but we shall work with you so that you can enjoy them in a safe way.
  7. Hearing Problems
    We understand that as you get older you hearing may deteriorate and you may need some help with a test and hearing aid. We can help you to arrange a hearing test and accompany you so that you feel safe or arrange for a test to be done in your own home.
  8. Eyesight Problems
    We can help you to arrange a sight test in your own home and help you if you have signs of glaucoma or cataracts until the condition is treated and thereafter to keep your sight be monitored regularly.
  9. Mouth Care
    Having healthy teeth, gums or dentures is important to keeping you in good physical health. We can arrange a visit to the dentist and accompany you if you wish.
  10. Foot Care
    Having healthy feet is also important to keeping you in good physical health. We can arrange a visit to the registered chiropodist and accompany you if you wish.
  11. Medication
    We will monitor your medication and ensure that after a check up, if your medication changes, that you take the correct medicines. We will help you to take your medication at the right time and request that each dosage provided in a dosset box or other easy system of administration.
  12. Dressing
    We will help you to choose what you would like to wear so that you can continue to express your own identity and style. We can even go shopping with you to buy new clothes or provide you with a list of usual items that you may need and deliver them to your home.
  13. Washing and Bathing
    We know that washing is a matter of personal choice but keeping clean will also keep you healthy. We can help you with bathing, showering and toileting. If you need any aids or adaptations to help you stay as independent as possible so that you can wash yourself we shall be pleased to arrange contact with the equipment service.
  14. Eating and Drinking
    We will support you at mealtimes, prepare nutritional food for you and give you support if you have lost your appetite or need a change of diet. We can arrange a consultation from a dietician, speech and language therapist, dentist or occupational therapist if you wish.


Contact us online   or call Serenity Homecare on 0121 285 4122 during office hours to see how we may help you.

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Please telephone 0121 285 4122 and you will be directed to the Oncall Manager.

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